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We are experts in our craft

We at JM Robotics know what we are doing and create functional and user-friendly products for our customers. The use of ROVs is always useful when navigating and working under water, and we deliver and customize ROV systems for all scenarios.

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Our products can be used in all types of rescue missions at sea. With customized additional equipment, like side-scan and multibeam sonars, the odds of finding what you seek at the bottom of the sea are larger than usual.

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With our solution you can easily see and work under water. We create complete inspection systems that we customize for to your needs

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Research and universities

Researching and increasing our knowledge about the ecosystem below sea level is made easier with our ROV systems. We produce camera modules with good stability, which results in excellent images and video.

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The ROV systems we produce can be used to inspect docks and ports without needing cranes or other additional equipment.

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Offshore and coastal navigation

Inspect the hull, propellers, pipelines and other parts of the platform or ship with our ROV systems.

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Power stations

Check underwater cables in sea or mountain water with our ROV systems.

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Join us in our digital demo room and try one of our ROV systems. Our systems are ready for a test run. Contact us via email or our contact form to make an appointment.


We do not walk on marked paths

— we go outside and make new tracks



JM Robotics is an innovative company that focuses on making systems that can help you in your work. Our products are original and sustainable and something you have never seen before.



We love our job, and are passionate about the products we make, without forgetting who we are. We understand what the workers need and why they need it, because we have been there ourselves. This is the reason we know so well what the industry needs, and why our products always have a futuristic aspect.



We are dreamers and visionaries that know our craft. We are not afraid of being ourselves and speaking loudly about how good we actually are. We are an ambitious and fearless global competitor that is not afraid to be the odd man out.