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Tailored solutions from JM Robotics

JM Custom is for our customers who need customized ROV solutions.

Customized design

The ROV's low profile enables it to handle strong ocean currents, and the frame is designed to protect all sensors and mounted equipment.

The modular design of the frame also makes it easy to attach payload skids and other additional equipment to the ROV system.

Additional equipment

Equipment that helps improve your research

Ikon - Livbøye

JM Cubecam

Add an extra camera with easy installation and connection

Ikon - bølger


Prepared for integration with sensors for your needs.

Ikon - Kamera


Easy integration for DVL

Ikon - Livbøye

Special tools

Prepared for integration of special tools

Ikon - bølger

Extra lights

Option for extra lights as needed

Ikon - Kamera


Prepared for positioning equipment

Propeller Cleaning — Maintaining Peak Performance

"With our customized ROV`s we conduct inspection of ship hull for renewal of certificates and general hull status. We also deliver effectively removing of marine fouling from ship propellers to enhancing vessel efficiency and reducing fuel consumption."

VUVI chose the HD ROV from JM Robotics because of:

  • Unmatched Maneuvering Flexibility: Navigate even the most confined spaces and complex underwater environments with ease.
  • Superior Stability in All Positions: Maintain a steady position regardless of current or wave conditions, ensuring clear and accurate data collection.
  • Advanced ROV-Positioning Hold Function (Current Compensation): Stay on target effortlessly, even in strong currents, thanks to the ROV's intelligent positioning system.
  • Retractable Thruster for Safe and Efficient Deployment: The retractable thruster simplifies deployment and retrieval while protecting the thruster from damage during operation.

Power Up Your Subsea Projects with Ashtead Technology

Ashtead Technology a world-leading subsea equipment rental and solutions business serving the global offshore energy sector.

Ashtead Technology was established to provide customers in the North Sea and beyond with high-specification survey and ROV equipment on a rental or sale basis.

Ensure exceptional inspection quality. Rent our ROV HD3, customizable with additional equipment to perfectly suit your needs.

Rent out JM HD3

"Using the right tools can make the work safer and more efficient."

"In addition to human divers and large-sized remote-operated vehicles (ROVs), we now have another option: mini-ROVs."

Mini-ROV equipped with dual FiGS-sensors for pipeline inspection in South Africa.

april 21, 2023 / Image credit CHEVRON.COM

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"FORCE Technology Norway has been awarded a long-term contract, with inspection of Chevron’s many offshore assets in Angola."

"FORCE Technology has joined forces with tech company BeyonC, to use mini Remotely-Operated-Vehicles (ROVs) that combined with our own world leading FiGS® sensor technology and it’s unique non-contact capabilities, provides accurate data regarding Cathodic Protection (CP)."

Mini-ROVs like this one help inspect underwater installations.

august 7, 2023 / Image credit

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Tailor-made ROV for FiGS inspection

Inspection was done in 2 shifts (24H)​.

Jacket inspection:​

IMR Vessel V.S mini-ROV (CP stab and FiGS®)​

JM Robotics capabilyties to tailor make solutions

Timeline of finding solutions to reduce the cost of underwater inspections.

10 of June 2021

First meeting in Kristiansund.

Initial flying test.

11-29 of June 2021

Logoelement - JM Robotics AS

Phase 1

Build proof of concept solution

29 of June 2021

Testing of prototype.

23 of August 2021

Equipment arrived in Angola for first deployment.

07 of September 2021

Proof of concept achieved after 2 weeks off successful deployment.

November 2021 - February 2022

Logoelement - JM Robotics AS

Phase 2

Development of tailor ROVs

2 concepts to be developed:

  1. Tailor made ROV for Jacket inspection.
  2. Additional skid to add on a Jacket ROV for pipline inspection.

14 of Deceember 2021

Status: Tailor made ROV for Jacket inspection and first testing of pipeline inspection setup for Jacket inspection.

8 of February 2022

Status: Tailor made ROV for Jacket inspection.

19 of February 2022

Status: Second testing of pipeline inspection setup for Jacket inspection ROV.

25 of February 2022

Sea trials.

15-17 of March 2022

Product lounch in Oceanology.

September - December 2022

Logoelement - JM Robotics AS

Phase 3

Improve pipline inspection ROV

Update USBL/DVL to survey grade positioning accuracy:

  • Build new skid for ROV.
  • Integrate survey positioning wquipment.
  • Upgrade sonar

02 of December 2022

Testing installed equipment under the water.

15 of December 2022

Field test with the client.

28 of March 2023

FAT-test ready to be shipped to Angola.

A long-term contract has been signed

Instead of larger and more expensive equipment to purchase and maintain, mini-ROVs were implemented.

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