the worlds most cost-effective and adaptable inspection ROV plattform


BlueROV2 is one of the market's most cost-effective ROV systems, and is known for its accuracy, stability and flexible platform that can be adapted to your needs

Key Features

Standard components

Ikon - Livbøye

300 m


Ikon - bølger

16 kg

super light weight, easy to deploy

Ikon - Kamera


when you need to pick something up

Ikon - Livbøye

18ah battery

can operate from anywhere 3-4 hours in normal conditions

Ikon - bølger

5-6 DOF

with a heavy configuration kit

Ikon - Kamera

1080 kamera

HD-quality camera with tilt for razor-sharp images

BlueROV2 accessories

Additional equipment for even more precise inspections

Ikon - Livbøye

JM Cubecam

add an extra camera with easy installation and connection

Ikon - bølger


Prepared for integration with sensors tailored to your needs

Ikon - Kamera


Easy integration for DVL

Ikon - Livbøye

Specialized tools

Prepared for integration of specialized tools

Ikon - bølger

Extra lights

Option for additional lighting as needed

Ikon - Kamera


Prepared for positioning equipment

Logoelement - JM Robotics AS

Make your choice

Construct your own ROV using a building kit, or buy a ready-to-use BlueROV2 with professional touches.

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Fully customized ROV tailored to the needs of your industry.

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