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The HD-series stands out as one of the most versatile remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) on the market. Let's take a closer look at the key features of the HD ROV:

Professional ROV platform for all your underwater inspection needs.

ROV with a significant power-to-weight ratio to handle the toughest conditions.

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Flexible and powerful ROV platform designed to handle heavier payloads and conduct advanced inspections.

Key Features

Standard components

Ikon - Livbøye

8 thrusters

provide exceptional thruster power and 6 degrees of freedom. / 8 thrustere gir enestående thruster-kraft og 6 frihetsgrader

Ikon - bølger

1080 camera

HD-quality camera with tilt and liquid-focus lens for razor-sharp images. / 1080 kamera HD-kvalitetskamera med tilt og væskefokuslinse for sylskarpe bilder

Ikon - Kamera


when you need to grasp something

Ikon - Livbøye

300 m

pressure tested

Ikon - bølger

23/28/35 kg

own weight

Ikon - Kamera

Easy to store

Low profile handles currents

Ikon - Livbøye

Surface-supplied power

Continuous operation without the need to change batteries

Ikon - bølger


360-degree flying capabilities

Ikon - Kamera

Remote operation

delivered in the JM Connect software

Customized design

The low profile design of the ROV stands out when handling currents and the frame is constructed to protect all the sensors and equipment mounted inside the ROV.

The modular design of the frame also provides you the possibility to easely make additions like payloadskids and other tool carrying applications on the ROV system for external instruments.

Extra equipment

Optional equipments for your inspections.

Ikon - Livbøye

JM Cubecam

Add an additional camera with easy installation and connection.

Ikon - bølger


Prepared for integration of sensors to meet your needs.

Ikon - Kamera


Simple integration for DVL.

Ikon - Livbøye

Special tools

Prepared for the integration of special tools.

Ikon - bølger

Ekstra lights

Option for additional light as needed.

Ikon - Kamera


Prepared for positioning equipment.

360 degrees of freedom

The advanced design combines performance, reliability, and maneuverability, making it an optimal choice for various underwater tasks.

JM Connect

Our reporting solution with built-in external customer support

  • Driving
  • Task planning
  • Establishing ongoing missions
  • External cloud
  • Inviting external guests
  • Generating reports

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