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We build tailormade ROV systems for the maritime industry. Our goal is to make user friendly products at a low cost, so it is easier for our customers to make use of them. We have several different ROV systems to choose from, and we can customize our system to your needs.


One of the market's most cost-effective ROV - systems

Developed by Blue Robotics in California. Assembly and modification are carried out in Norway by JM Robotics.

BlueRov2 is one of the most cost-effective ROV systems on the market, and is known for its accuracy, stability and flexible platform that can be customized to your needs. This ROV is perfect for use in aquaculture and coastal navigation, rescue and for surveying coastal waters. This user-friendly device will quickly give you more control under water as well as cut the costs of using underwater systems.

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We have access to even more products through our collaboration partners, so if you need anything, we can tailor a solution for you. We have access to altimeters, 360° scanning sonars, side scan sonars, under water positioning and GPS, DVL and much more.

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JM HD1 is the cheapest inspection ROV on the market.

Developed by JM Robotics AS.


JM HD1 is the cheapest inspection ROV on the market. This is a ROV system that is developed to handle cold seas and a demanding environment along the coast, with a depth capacity down to 300 meters. The JM HD1 is delivered with 3Kw Topside Power System and web-based surveillance of residual currents. This is a robust, flexible ROV that is tailor made for most sonar- and positioning systems.

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Spare parts at a reasonable price at our offices in Kristiansund. See our data sheet for more information.

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