Robust ROV-systems built to withstand rough conditions


JM Robotics offers everything you need for underwater inspections

JM Robotics has extensive practical experience from both aquaculture and offshore industries. We understand the challenges of life at sea, and therefore, we design functional and user-friendly ROV-systems that can actually withstand the forces of the ocean.

JM Core — our standard ROV products

JM Core is a collection of our standardized products in JM Robotics’s ecosystem. With JM Core, we can offer a comprehensive solution for ROV inspections, which is tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual customer.

JM Core 

JM Connect — software for your subsea inspection needs

JM Connect gives you full control over your ROV operations. The software comes pre-installed in all our ROV systems.

JM Connect 

JM Care ensures that all your maintenance and support needs are taken care of

With JM Care, we can troubleshoot, update and maintain your ROV system.

JM Care 

JM Custom is for our customers who need customized ROV-solutions

JM Robotics has extensive experience in creating ROV solutions tailored to various uses.

JM Custom 

Using the right tool can make work safer and more efficient

"In addition to human divers and large-sized remote-operated vehicles (ROVs), we now have another option: mini ROVs.."


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We present the HD-series

HD-series developed and assembled by JM Robotics for the harshest conditions. The HD-series stands out as one of the most flexible remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) on the market.

The best solutions for your industry

Our ROVs from JM Robotics are engineered to excel in a variety of subsea inspections, whether conducted from shore or offshore locations. With versatile capabilities, they deliver unparalleled performance and reliability.

Research and universities

Researching and increasing our knowledge about the ecosystem below sea level is made easier with our ROV systems. We produce camera modules with good stability, which results in excellent images and video.


With our solution you can easily see and work under water. We create complete inspection systems that we customize for to your needs.

Offshore and coastal navigation

Inspect the hull, propellers, pipelines and other parts of the platform or ship with our ROV systems.

Power stations

Check underwater cables in sea or mountain water with our ROV systems.


Our products can be used in all types of rescue missions at sea. With customized additional equipment, like side-scan and multibeam sonars, the odds of finding what you seek at the bottom of the sea are larger than usual.


The ROV systems we produce can be used to inspect docks and ports without needing cranes or other additional equipment.


Our most advanced ROV

JM Robotics HD3 is a robust and lightweight ROV, designed for operations in demanding conditions. With its impressive power-to-size ratio and low-profile body, the HD3 is capable of performing many operations typically reserved for larger Inspection Class ROV-systems.

About JM HD3

JM Custom

HD3 ROV fully prepared for fitting custom equipment

Flexible and powerful ROV platform designed to handle a variety of extra equipment. This ROV can handle advanced inspections.

The JM HD3 utilizes a vectored thruster control system for complete 6 degrees of freedom of maneuverability, enabling access to tight spaces and the ability to perform challenging tasks. It can be deployed from small vessels, from land, or from traditional IRM vessels.

About JM Custom


One of the market's most cost-effective ROVs

BlueROV2 is an ideal tool for efficient underwater inspections. Its modular design and easy connections make it possible to expand with equipment such as sonars. Eight vectorized thrusters ensure precise control. This ROV system combines cost-effectiveness with performance for professional needs.

About BlueROV2


Your professional partner

Partners and suppliers

We have partnered with experienced players and collaborators to deliver everything you might need in ROVs and underwater drones, positioning, sonars, cameras, and thrusters.

We are one of the fastest-growing companies in Norway

"Gazelle company" is a fast-growing and successful company that has experienced rapid growth over a short period.

We received 3 awards for rapid growth between 2021 and 2023.

​​​​About Gazelle

Gazelle company

We are awarded the Gazelle diploma by DN for being one of Norway's fastest-growing companies.

Gazelle enterprise — again!

We can proudly title ourselves as a Gazelle company for the second year in a row.

Gazelle enterprise — once more!

With over 20 employees, the company has delivered around 200 ROVs nationally and internationally. Recently, we have relocated to new premises in Melkvika Næringspark and successfully launched the JM Connect software.

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