Underwater GPS Explorer Kit

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Underwater GPS Explorer Kit inkluderer alt du trenger for å komme igang med GPS posisjonering under vann. Dette utstyret krever minimalt av teknisk kompetanse og ferdigheter. Det er raskt og enkelt å komme igang og sette opp. Lite og lett utstyr gjør transport og logistikk svært enkelt. Lokatoren monteres på ROV, dykkere eller annet utstyr. For mer informasjon ta gjerne kontakt med oss.

The Locator is mounted on the ROV or diver.
For Locator-A1 and S1, the Explorer Kit top-side need to receive the depth reading from the ROVs depth sensor. This is done using the included API.
The 4 included Receivers are connected to the top-side housing and deployed in water. The separation between them is measured and inserted to the web GUI. Separation should be at least a couple of meters.
The Locator is deployed in water and its position shows up in the web GUI.

Locator choices
The Explorer Kit can be used with 4 different Locator types:
Locator S1 Optimized for ROV integration.
Locator A1 Optimized for ROV integration.
Locator D1 For stand alone operation. Comes with its own tether.
Locator U1 Battery powered. Optimized for divers!
Please refer to the Locator Comparison Matrix at the bottom of this page for further details.

Position accuracy
You will normally experience an acuracy of < 1% of the range between the Locator and the Receivers. On 100 meter range, you can expect an acuracy of ~1 meter.
Underwater GPS relies on acoustics to transmit data through the water. Acoustic transmission can be affected by these scenarios:
Reflections from hard surfaces nearby your operation area (ship hulls, the sea floor, constructions etc.)
Signal dampening from objects in the water (large consentrations of fish etc.)
The Water Linked technology has revolutionary performance in this kind of challenging scenarios. While other solutions simply break down, the Underwater GPS continues to work. With Underwater GPS you should simply expect somewhat lower acuracy in such operations.

GUI features
The Master-D1 computer inside the top-side housing is running a fully featured web based GUI. This is where you observe the position of the Locator and configure the system. Main features include:
Graphical visualization of underwater position of the Locator relative to the receivers
Map based visualization of underwater position of the Locator with GPS coordinates
Heading of the baseline (the receivers)
Configurable track log of both the baseline and the Locator
Comprehensive configuration possibilities
Diagnostics to graphically monitor the acoustic signal

1x top-side housing including a Master-D1 WL-21008
4x Receiver-D1 WL-21005-P010 (10m cable and Binder Series-770 connector)
1x locator of choice
Webserver exposing a GUI and API
GPS (Including external antenna)
IMU (Compass/Orientation)
Housing: Pelican Case #1200 (IP67)
D1 interfaces: 5x (Typically 4 Receiver-D1 and 1 Locator-D1)
D1 connector: Binder Series-770 (IP67 plugged and unplugged)
A1 interfaces: 1x
A1 connector: Binder Series-770 (IP67 plugged and unplugged)
Ethernet interfaces: 1x
Ethernet connector: Bulgin Series-6000 (IP68) incl sealing cap
Ethernet cable: 3m cable with Bulgin Series-6000 (IP68) to Shielded RJ45
Power connector: Bulgin Series-6000 (IP68) incl sealing cap
Power cable: 3m cable with Bulgin Series-6000 (IP68) to open end

Part number: WL-11001
Part name: Underwater GPS Explorer Kit
Acoustic range: 100 m
Supply voltage: 10-18 V
Case external dimensions: 27 x 24.6 x 12.4 cm
Weight: ~ 4 kg
Operating temperature: -10 to 60 °C

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