DVL A50 - Standard

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kr 75 900,00

The DVL-A50 is – by far – the world’s smallest commercially available Doppler Velocity Log.

The record breaking 5 cm min altitude makes the A50 extremely useful for working with tools close to the seabed.
With its unbeatable price/performance, the DVL-A50 is now establishing a new market standard.
Key Specifications:
Altitude 0.05 – 50meters
Frequency 1MHz
Long Term Accuracy ± 0.1cm/s

Finally a DVL suitable for small ROVs/AUVs!
The DVL is designed with small ROVs/AUVs in mind where it can be mounted without adding significant weight or drag to the vehicle.
While the A50 is the perfect fit for small vehicles looking for professional navigation features, the combination of low cost and high performance is also making it very attractive for much larger vehicles.
Advantages by using DVL on your vehicle
Accurate position hold for professional inspections and/or tooling interventions
Accurate micro movements like “move 1 inch to the right”
Travel over great distance and use “dead reckoning” to create the travelled path
Find home even while being out of reach of acoustic positioning systems like Underwater GPS
Accurate flight path which pairs very well with sonar imagery
Combine the DVL with our Underwater GPS system to get a high performance, professional navigation package!

MECHANICALDevice diameter: 66 mm
Device height: 25 mm
Device weight (air): 250 grams
Device weight (submerged): 185 grams
Depth rating: 1000 meters
Materials: Stainless steel 316 (housing): PEEK (transducer caps)
Operating temperature: -5 to 60 °C

ELECTRICAL / INTERFACEInput voltage: 10-30 V
Power consumption: 0.25 A at 12V
Power-on current surge: 1.25 A at 12V
Physical interface: 8 wires (pwr/serial/Ethernet): 3 meter cable with interface module
Indicator: Status LED (Power, Lock)
Communication: UART 115200 baud serial 3,3V: Ethernet
Protocols: Water Linked API: PD0 (subset): PD6

ACOUSTIC / PERFORMANCETransducer frequency: 1 MHz
Transducer setup: 4-beam convex Janus array
Transducer beam angle: 22.5 degrees
Ping rate: 4-12 Hz (adaptive to altitude)
Sensor assist: Integrated AHRS/IMU (gyro/accelerometer/compass)
Min altitude: 5 cm
Max altitude: 50 meters
Max velocity: 2.6 m/s
Velocity resolution: 0.1 mm/s
>Long term accuracy: ±1.01 % (Standard version): ±0.1 % (Performance version)

Performance version has a long term velocity error margin of better than 1% which requires an export license if sold outside of Norway.
Water Linked will apply for the export license and ship the product when the license is received. This normally takes 1 week. Except for the price difference compared to the “Standard” version of the DVL, there are no additional costs involved.